Life Insurance and similar products can help protect what is most important to you, like your family, your home and your business.  Risk management minimizes financial and other losses potentially associated with risks to your assets, health and business.  Identifying your source of risk is the first line of defense.  Whether it be life insurance, disability insurance, critical illness insurance, travel insurance or long term care insurance, your last line of defense is insurance.

Asset protection planning manages risks to your wealth, family and business.   Financial risks are facts of everyday life and asset protection planning looks to transfer the risk of these events through insurance.

Life insurance can also be used for financial needs, like saving for university, saving for retirement, donating to a charity or creating an inheritance for your heirs. 

Your advisor can help you identify your sources of risk and design an insurance policy that meets your needs.

The Benefits of Insurance

A lot of people don't like to think of life insurance as it conjures up negative thoughts pertaining to our mortality, but what most people don't realize is what benefits life insurance has while we are living.

While the main function of life insurance that people think of is financial payout to family and/or beneficiaries, permanent life insurance also has numerous other advantages that are extremely valuable as they can not only protect your financial security, but also aide in growing your net worth:

  1. Cash at your disposal

    As your life insurance policy accumulates a cash value, it then becomes accessible to you through a policy loan or straight withdrawal for various needs that may pop up through life's many twists and turns. The funds can be used for a variety of things from exploring business opportunities, contributing to education funding, augmenting retirement income, emergencies, or even to pay policy premiums.*

  2. Protection of your assets

    Cash at your disposalThe death benefit can provide your surviving family members with the funds they may need to maintain the lifestyle they are accustom to as the policy payout is designed to ensure your assets are taken care of at time of death.

  3. Guaranteed value

    Cash at your disposalThe contributions made towards permanent life insurance policies are guaranteed! What does that mean to you? It means you will always have access to the cash value that you accumulate.

  4. Guaranteed access

    You are able to access your accumulated contributions without fear of any restrictions that can exist on other assets ie. no penalties to access the funds or required minimum distributions.

  5. Long-term financial security for you and your family

    Nobody said life insurance was easy. It does take 10, 20, 30 years of commitment, but once there is significant cash value after your years of contributing, you will have various options for accessing your policy's funds.

    You can:

    cash in the policy
    b) convert it to an annuity which would provide guaranteed lifetime income
    c) keep a portion of the death benefit and access some of the cash value
    d) continue the policy to protect your family/estate and leave a legacy.

  6. Your insurability is secure

    As long as you ensure the premiums are paid on the policy, permanent life insurance provides coverage throughout your life! What that means is, even if your health or personal situations change your policy cannot be cancelled. Better yet, buying a policy at a younger age is even better.


With so many unique benefits, permanent life insurance can be a strong addition to your layered financial portfolio which allow you to have peace of mind.

* When you access cash value in the form of policy loans, the death benefit is decreased by the amount of outstanding policy loans.

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