Concerned about low interest rates?

MWFS has been providing Best Interest Rates as a Deposit Broker for more than 48 years!  We can help you get the highest Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GIC) and Term Deposit Rates available in the market place. Since 1974, Macnaughton & Ward Financial Services Ltd. (MWFS), provides competitive Term Deposit rate service to clients, investors, associates and affiliate agents.

Being a member of the Registered Deposit Broker Association (RDBA), we offer the best daily rates available.  Our simplified systems and processes provide clients a safe, secure and convenient approach to investing in term deposits; including:

  •  GICs
  •  Short Term Deposits
  •  TFSAs
  •  RRSPs
  •  RRIFs


Associates* offer competitive Deposit Broker Rates to offer their clients Term Deposit Rates through our offices.

*Associates must be affiliate members of the Registered Deposit Broker Association

Term deposits and/or GICs are investment products that offer a guaranteed rate of return for a pre-defined time period. The applicable interest rate varies according to the term of investment, the amount of money invested, the treatment of interest and whether or not the investment is redeemed prior to maturity. Term deposits are also known as GICs (Guaranteed Investment Certificates).


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