Saving, investing, retirement planning and wealth mangement are each an integral part to retire well while ensuring funds are available when those moments arise. 

Since these plans are as unique as each individual, we recommend that you meet with one of our financial professionals to review your portfolio, and tailor a plan that best suits your goals and objectives


Steps of an investment strategy 
  • Understand your goals and time horizons
  • Design an asset allocation strategy suitable to you
  • Select the appropriate investments for youo and your family.


Types of investment accounts 

A properly diversified portfolio helps temper the impact of volatile market swings. We can help you establish accounts that meet your needs today while putting you on the path to achieving your future goals.


Helpful tips to assist you in achieving your financial goals:
  • Develop and write a financial plan with your representative and try your best to follow it
  • Define your short, medium and long term goals
  • Create a monthly budget, watch your cash flow and know where you are at with your net worth
  • Pay yourself first by utilizing a monthly systematic investment plan
  • Know your risk profile before investing so that your investment fits your own needs and tolerance
  • Set investment return goals and periodically review with your representative the performance of your portfolio and the investment managers
  • Contribute to RRSP's and RESP's to maximize your tax deductions and to receive your government grants
  • Receive an analysis on whether you should purchase RRSP's vs. paying down your mortgage
  • Set up an emergency fund of at least 3 months income
  • Be sure to have adequate life, disability and critical illness insurance as well as a current will
  • Consider drafting a power of attorney
  • Interview a few financial professionals before committing your future to one
  • Contact the financial experts at Macnaughton & Ward Financial Services for a no obligation consultation of your financial affairs



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