So you've taken the leap and decided to become your own boss and entrepreneur.  That is an exciting life change and will likely keep you so busy running the day-to-day operations that you may overlook a key component to ensure you protect your venture.  Ensuring its long-term success and protecting it from financial risks can be daunting.


  • What will happen to your business, if you, a partner or any other key employees, can’t work due to a serious illness, disability or death?


  • What plans are in place to help you build equity and manage your business taxes?


  • What types of benefits will you provide to help attract and retain the best people for your organization?


Whether you run a small, or something on a larger scale, Macnaughton & Ward Financial’s solutions regarding life, disability, critical illness or health insurance are available to help you in addressing your own unique business planning needs to help offset some of the risks you may face.

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