Top 10 Scams - Avoid Victimization

Each year, This year, think about how you can be a smarter consumer. While schemes and scams take on various forms, they all share common traits. Knowing the danger signs and how to defend yourself can save you time and money. Protect yourself by being on the alert for red flags.

Every year the Better Business Bureau compiles a list of scams based on general growth patterns, inquiries and complaints from the public, and statistics from enforcement agencies such as the Competition Bureau, and the Business Practices & Consumer Protection Authority. Here are the trendiest, and most sinister scams:
  1. Internet Fraud
  2. Identity Theft
  3. Fraudulent Business & Franchise Opportunities
  4. Nigerian Frauds/Overpayment Scam
  5. Bogus Health & Wellness Products
  6. Foreign Lotteries
  7. Internet Work at Home Scams/Bogus Employment Services
  8. Bogus Charities
  9. Unsolicited Email and Mail
  10. Office Supply Scams/Unsolicited Invoices


For more information, please contact:

Better Business Bureau of Mainland B.C.

Competition Bureau of Canada

Business Practices & Consumer Protection Authority