Resolving Your Complaint

Macnaughton & Ward Financial is committed to providing superior products and services for our customers.

The following steps will ensure you receive a timely, fair and professional response. 


Step 1: Contact your Account Manager or Financial Advisor

Most issues can be resolved by talking with your Representative.  Contact us and talk to us about your concern. We will do our best to resolve it satisfactorily. 


Step 2: Contact a Manager

If a resolution is not reached with the assistance of your Representative, ask to be directed to the appropriate Manager.


Step 3:  Contact Customer Service

If we still have not reached a resolution, please contact Customer Service through our contact form

Written complaints should contain the following:

    • a summary of the facts surrounding the complaint,
    • copies of pertinent documentation, and
    • a statement of the desired resoltuion.


The complaint must contain probable cause to believe that any law, regulation or rule may have been violated.  We will try to resolve your complaint quickly and fairly. 


Step 4:  External Agencies

If your concern or complaint cannot be resolved to your satisfaction, the next step is to seek assistance from an external agency:

OmbudService for Life & Health Insurance

Financial Consumer Agency of Canada